Devon-based Company leading from the front in World Mind Sports popularity.

International mindsports event management and consultancy, Mindsports International Ltd, is celebrating success and growth on a global scale, both accomplished within the company's first year of operation.

It was launched amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas, in the summer of 2012 by Plymouth-based parent company, Living it Loving it Ltd.  Mindsports International was created with the key objectives to reconnect the global Mind Sports community and bring together like-minded enthusiasts to take part in an exciting, new, collaborative festival series.

In the past 10 months this has been achieved through the creation of a dedicated Festival schedule across Europe, with plans in place to expand further around the World to meet with demand.  The first American festival takes place in Las Vegas this July, with the company reaching further across North America and into Asia in 2014. 

Dave Brannan, CEO is delighted with the strong and fast development and can't wait to take things further, "We saw a niche in the market to raise awareness of Mind Sports, and take events to the next level.  The ultimate goal is to have 12 festivals happening every year - 4 in Europe; 4 in North America; and 4 across Asia and the rest of the World.  Mind Sports International's success has grown from a dedicated team that has worked hard to promote the brand and take forward a pioneering idea that has taken off with greater speed than we ever could have expected."

Mindsports International has had the pleasure of working with some of the World's most respected and well-known companies in the Mind Sports, board games and hospitality industries.  There professional partnerships have continued thanks to the company's ongoing efforts to deliver value-for-money; in desirable locations; with a strong entertainment impact.

Amongst the company's other successes, is the creation of the World's most expensive Scrabble system.  With development costs so far totalling in excess of £40,000, the system utilises custom built radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to read the entire Scrabble board almost instantaneously (974 milliseconds), transmitting the information via unique software to viewers online and effectively bringing the game to life.  Designed for Scrabble tournaments, each Scrabble tile has its own tag which makes sure all the information is captured and showcased to online viewers. 

And Mindsports International is set for continued success.  The next step will be to introduce an international booking system that shall allow any parties interested in participating in any of the festivals and events to arrange to do so in just one easy step.

In addition, a celebrity UK ambassador to promote our festivals will be revealed in the next few weeks.  A very well-recognised face that broadcasts to millions of homes every weekday, the ambassador is a great believer in intellectual sports and will be a fantastic addition to the team.

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