National School Scrabble Champs Vs. Jimmy Kimmel

Plymouth, United Kingdom (23 May, 2014) - Last night the winners of the US National School Scrabble Championship faced a new type of opponent across the Scrabble board, no other than comedian and talk show host Mr Jimmy Kimmel.

Champions Jacob Sass of Texas and Thomas Draper of New Jersey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to show off their exceptional Scrabble skills which won them their latest title including the grand prize of $10,000!

The 8th grade winners were not fazed by the bright lights or distracted by the audience's watchful gaze as they had already won their way to victory on Mind Sports International's very own RFID Scrabble Board, which was lived streamed to the world back in April when the finals took place in Providence, RI at One Hasbro Place.

Hosted by Hasbro, Inc. in partnership with Mind Sports International, the two day event was a great success, which saw more than 65 teams compete in the National School Scrabble Championship, a competitive event for school aged Scrabble players in the United States and Canada.

Jacob Sass and Thomas Draper won six of the seven preliminary games played during the two-day tournament, racking up a combined total of 3524 points to qualify for Sunday’s final match, which they went on to win 378 to 320. Their highest scoring word during that game was delaine, which is a type of fabric, and they played for 76 points.

More than 140 Scrabble players in grades 4 through 8 competed in the National School Scrabble Championship including more than 50 returning players, playing words like insider, refract and calzones. Highlights from the event can be seen in the video below:

Also you can view Jacob and Thomas's final and winning match HERE where they compete on MSI's innovative RFID Scrabble board, allowing viewers to see all the information from both players' tile trays as well as suggested best word they could play thanks to the integration of Merriam-Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

Scrabble, along with other Mind Sports such as Chess, provide children with a fun and worthwhile extension of learning from the classroom. Educational bodies and parents have found that playing Mind Sports has positively improved students' by skills by strengthening their English, mathematics, time management, strategic thinking and teamwork.

The topic of trying to bring Mind Sports, especially Chess, into mainstream education's curriculum has even hit the headlines across all media including television, radio and newspapers which shows more than ever these games are still as relevant as ever.

Scrabble is adapting evermore so to keep up with the digital generation by releasing an official Scrabble game with many popular versions available for iPad, iPhone and Android developed by EA, proving it's a game to stay.

And so, just to prove how this traditional game can still bring out the competitive side in anyone, watch below to see Jimmy Kimmel dig deep to try and beat the 2014 National School Scrabble Champions at a war of words both across the board and with each other - "ladies first" indeed!





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